Seth's Geeky Projects

Most of these are ancient hacks are no longer useful, if they ever were, but I want to do my part to clutter up the web.

things I've used in the past ten years

Georges Seurat coloring book
It's a silly joke. In truth, his art is far more sophisticated than the joke implies. It's worth looking closely and deeply at the paintings and learning more about the context. But enjoy the joke before you spoil your ignorance! :)
A geo-data visualization tool. Not the first of its kind, but non-proprietary and works reasonably well.
libjpeg (8d) with image padding capability added to jpegtran. For when you want your jpegs to be larger, but you don't want to add a decode/encode cycle and the artifacts that come with it. The padded area comes out as a nice solid color of your choice, as long as you choose medium grey.
A hacked version of xmatrix that outputs to files. I used this to make geeky start up sequences for my Android devices.
probability calculator
A simple conditional probability calculator. I needed to compute some things and I wanted to brush up on JavaScript. Also, the UI for similar calculators I found out there is terrible. The code is almost, but not quite, a general-purpose forward-chaining inference engine.

old things I haven't deleted yet

Henry Fingerprint Classifier
I wrote a Javascript implementation of the mostly obsolete Henry fingerprint classification system.
untar[link to here]
I hate when I untar something and it spews files into my current directory. For a long time my solution was to be in an empty directory. Now I use my untar script. It peeks into the tarfile (even if it's compressed) and untars it into a subdirectory if it thinks it's not going to be well behaved.