DSN-3D - An extension to DSN

Plain DSN is good for describing some things, but it doesn't distinguish between a things like a tick-tock and a helicopter, and can't describe the saw at all. It covers only one axis of rotation - the one the devilstick spins around during the tick-tock. DSN-3D extends the language to handle the other orthogonal axes.


The Axes

Motion in three-space can be described in the context of x, y, and z axes. For DSN-3D, the axes are defined as follows:

left to right
head to foot
back to front
Simple rotational motion takes place in a plane. DSN describes rotation around the Z axis. DSN-3D describes rotation around all three axes.

The Staves

To indicate motion in one of the planes, simply use the name of the axis followed by a DSN sequence.


Here are a few selected tricks from Jim Barlow's collection along with the DSN-3D that describes them. You should also look at the examples for plain DSN.

Z: -1
Stop & Go
Z: 1 0
Z: -1
Y:  1
Helicopter tap
Z: 0 n
Y: 1 n
Seth's Mess
Z: 1 1 -1
Y: 1 1  1
X: 1