You really need to watch it go with music, but I couldn't resist posting screenshots anyway. Someday I'll probably copy the corresponding audio clips and post those here too, but for now you'll have to go buy all the albums and seek to the right place.

These are all of the stereo layout, with stereo pan coloring turned on. So the lowest sounds are in the center, and higher tones are towards the sides. Left and right channel are shown independently on each side, and frequencies that are stronger to the left or right are colored proportionately more red or blue.

The House Jacks, Completely, right near the beginning (about 0:08 - 0:12).
The Crystal Method, Get Busy Child. What will religious zealots make of this?
Ambiance, Rhapsody in Blue, the very beginning. The top 75% of that is all one voice. The center lines are the fundamental (left and right channel), and the three pairs to the outside are three harmonics. The fuzzier part in the bottom quarter is where the other singers join in. I like how you can see the vibrato.
En Vogue, Star Spangled Banner, "and the rockets' red glare".
Oingo Boingo, No Spill Blood, the beginning. Here you can see the stereo coloring at its most obvious.
spiralmouth, Even Though, the first round of "yeah yeah yeah", at 1:08-1:13. As you can see, they like having their background singers panned way to the sides.