Waterfall Spectrum Analyzer

This is all ancient history, but it's a cool thing I made, so I'm leaving it up even though it's no longer of any practical value. Nowadays, people (by which I mean "you people" or "kids these days") stream music to your phones, but for a brief moment people had audio files on their computers and local software to play them. This is a visualizer plug in for one such player. I wrote it when I was working on my dissertation.


Source waterfall-0.11.tar.gz
Debian binary_i386
Just the binary linux-i386

Waterfall is yet another XMMS spectrum analyzer. While most analyzers only show a changing snapshot of the current sound, waterfall shows a scrolling spectrogram, a 2-d plot of frequency vs time, with energy represented by intensity. There are also options to use color to display stereo discrepancies, frequency onsets, or frequency uniformity.

System Requirements

You need unix, X windows, XMMS, GTK, and glib.

I use it on Debian and Solaris, and I'm told it runs fine on RedHat.