California Mountain Unicycling Weekend 1998

John Foss has photos up on the official CA MUni '98 site.

I went. I rode. It was great. And now, the pictures!

Day One - Auburn

There were plenty of riders there crazier than I am. That's David Poznanter, showing his contempt for Darwinian theory.

I wasn't entirely sane though, usually opting for the more difficult routes on the trail. On the first day, anyway. These humps (that I did ride over after a few tries) reminded me of the carnival game where you try to roll a ball over a hill and have it not roll over the next hill. As usual, the two-dimensional picture is less obvious than the reality, but you can figure out what the trail is doing by looking at it's left edge.

Just another rocky section of trail I rode over and decided to capture for posterity. My posterior has since recovered.

We often had a great view from the trail of the valley below. We eventually rode all the way down to the river. The more energetic expert riders also rode all the way up, but several of us opted to get a lift to the interesting part of the trail, near the top.

This is much later, after the morning ride, after lunch, and after the true experts finished their cliff-hugging detour and rejoined the somewhat bored remainder on the practically paved Stagecoach Trail. Here we are, streaming out from our meeting point down the mountain. The end of this trail, almost at the river, was entirely loose rocks and was some of my favorite riding.

Day Two - Sly Park

On the second day, we rode about ten miles around Jenkinson Lake in Sly Park. A warning was posted: "Expert Bicyclists Only".

I tried and failed a few times to hop sideways over these, but I rode over them on my first try. Yay! Rough terrain is never as tough as I think it'll be.

This was one of several features of the trail I didn't even try riding over.

On the first day, I rode down rocky slopes with a mighty yell. By the end of the second day, I was so tired I wiped out riding onto this tiny bridge.

We enjoyed lunch back at the campsite, having burned off about six weeks worth of food.

I didn't compete in the Wheel Dip, and I expect other folks to have lots of good pictures of the actual event, but I like this shot of two folks practicing. Note the size of the lake. It's a big lake. We rode all the way around. Biiig. Roouund.