The Theme

Recently hordes of people have been hammering on our doors wanting to know if our Road Rally will have a theme, like many have had in the past. We think that a theme is a good idea, so we tried to license the "Hawaii 5-0" theme but CBS wouldn't go for the $5 we offered them. We then approached Prince and asked him if he could write us something kinda half way between When the Doves Cry and Little Red Corvette. But we were pushed out of the way by his entourage who also informed us that we should refer to him as . We told them that we'd prefer to call him "Pigfucker" (except in front of you-know-who). Then we ran.

After trying out many other themes, we settled on one shrouded in mystery and intrigue. We'd tell you what it is, but then we'd have to kill you. Instead, you'll just have to figure it out on your own.

(Watch for the side-shooter!)