The Fountain

After each team figured out what to do with the brick (which took between 15 minutes and 2 hours), they eventually came here to get the next clue. This is the fountain at Netscape's headquarters. Each team's clue was sealed in an envelope and, along with some rocks to keep them from floating, in a zip-lock bag in the middle of the fountain. We had a field agent there to make sure there wasn't any trouble with the authorities. He took these picture and also interviewed some of the teams. (We'll try to scan that tape in and get it up here eventually.)

The camera put a timestamp on each picture, so we'll always remember when people were there. In order of appearance:

As luck would have it, Netscape security arrived after our agent left, and Vole had a slight run-in with them, but they got the clue anyway, and Emu didn't run into any trouble.