The Heroes of the Road Rally

Seth, Stefan, Ian, and Marie pose back at the house after having saved the day at Ken & Lilly's road rally. Afterwards, they decided to take a vacation and see the world.

The tiny images are linked to larger ones.

The adventure began in Paris. Here they are in front of Notre Dame.

Later they visited the catacombs beneath the city. This is an eerie place, but their recent victory was fresh in their minds and their exhuberance could not be dulled.

Here they are in Edinburgh, during some sort of festivities. The castle towers majestically behind them into the mists. Are the locals always this merry?

After a good meal, they wait for the bus at a sports complex in Edinburgh, on their way to Dirleton.

They couldn't leave Scotland without visiting a castle, so here there are at Dirleton Castle, east of Edinburgh. The drum tower used to be taller, but they did some remodeling so they could mount a cannon on top.

In a brief jaunt to Dublin, they managed to stumble on the local St. Patrick's Day parade. It was cold, but they were warmed by the knowledge of their heroism.

On their way home, they took in a little culture at the Mueseum Of Modern Art in New York City.

Finally back in California, they pause to clense their cultural palate with a local theater production.

Home at last, they relax in a familiar setting after their long journey.