Seth's Piker Photos

These are my Piker photos. Of course, I wasn't behind the camera taking any pictures, it wasn't my camera, and I didn't even scan them in myself, but somehow I have the nerve to display them on my web site and claim them as my own. I did do some cropping, scaling, and despeckling, but mostly they're my pictures because Brian and Merri, the photographers, handed them out at rehearsals and I was clever enough to snatch them up.

On their web site, they have another one of us outside the Big Sky Café, where we'd just had a gig. Other piker photos are on display in the WU Archives.

I hated those sweaters, but I love this picture. A similar shot, taken moments before, was used for the cover of our second album, World Detour. This photo was taken by Merri, official Piker photographer, on 27 Oct 1991 in Bowles Plaza, just after our Fall Preview Weekend gig.

Spring break of '92, we went to California, where Brian took lots of pictures. What would we do without the Stephenseses? Here we at the Mexican border, about to venture into Tijuana.

To take us from hither to thither, we rented top-of-the-line transportation from Rent-a-Wreck. We loved our van dearly. Even the rusted hole in the roof. This picture was taken just outside the science center in San Diego, where we had much fun playing with their audio toys and singing about fire hazards.

At Jammin' Toast '93, I conducted the Piker Percussion Ensemble in one of our least understood song introductions. (In this case, "conducted" means "pointed to people in a predetermined order".) I don't know who took this picture, but, since I have a copy, I'd guess it was Merri.