Seth's Halloweens - 1996

1996 Halloween Party

We threw a Halloween party. These are some of the pictures Monica took.

Monica "Medusa" Chong. The eyes blinked.

Ian won Best Costume. He got a brown jumpsuit from Good Will, hot glued bark all over it, used spirit gum to glue bark to his browned face, and stuck branches in every orifice. He's never smelled better.

This is me. I won Best Unidentifiable Bug-Thing.

I was going for Featureless Humanoid. I put cardboard tubes around my eyes and covered them with black stretch-nylon. I used cotton, paper, and tape to build out the rest of my face to make a theoretically smooth surface without nose or eyes. It was a tough makeup job, partly because I had to put the eye covers on before doing most of the face, so I couldn't see very well. My latex gloves and bald cap were covered with black india ink.