Seth's Halloweens - 1994

INPO night

I called this "Factory Accident Man". No, I couldn't see a thing. I took the eyes out to walk around, then popped them back in when I wanted to show off. I wore this to INPO and wandered around blindly on stage for the costume contest. I still have the eyes. I made them out of pingpong balls, and coated them with clear nail gloss. Due to painstaking trimming, they fit extremely well. The skin was cotton and latex. I borrowed the hat and coat from Eric Goldlust.

On the way back from INPO, I discovered Sarah on her way home. She didn't see me though, so I got to give her a good scare as she entered her building. She took the pictures in her room. I especially like the contrast of the smiling sun on the mirror.

1994 Halloween Party

I threw a halloween party at my apartment. Most of the pictures were taken by Sarah, who also helped me put up the spider webs, but who refused to dress up or appear in any photos.

Miranda and Rob as Raggedy Ann and Andy. They made the costumes themselves, including coloring the stockings and constructing the wigs.

Everyone thought Adam looked a little too natural this way. The photo was taken amidst party chaos.

Pat arrived without a nose, but we were able to remedy that quickly. I edited this picture with the gimp. The original had things in the background, but I thought they were distracting.

Eric was dressed as a mad scientist with gorilla feet. (feet not pictured)

I think Qarl looks like The Grinch in this picture.

This was fun to do. I stole the idea from something someone had done in my makeup class. The depth doesn't show in the photo, but I basically had a big crater eye socket (by building up the area around it). The rubber chicken was a gratuitous last minute addition.