Chris and Anjala got hitched. I got pictures.

Friday, 19 May 2000

Thanks to my careful navigation, Eric and I took the scenic route to the hotel, giving me more time to take secret photos. I still need to work on my secret aim.

Beth took lots of official wedding photos, so I made sure she showed up in some unofficial ones.

Chris is having a great time!

Steve is gifted.

Anjala explains how the Hindu ceremony will work, while Chris stands there.

Chris supports Certs, apparent wedding sponsor.

Eric prepares to show off his levitatation skills.


Wingert thought he didn't look goofy enough in that first picture, so he tried to make a really dumb face. Can you tell the difference?

Saturday, 20 May 2000

Seth & Eric pose with an umbrella and Eric's closed eyes. So we take it again, but this time Eric says to me that we should do it solemn-faced, so I don't smile, and he does. Sigh. At least we know what he's smiling about.

Wingert, preaching to the choir. Upon seeing this picture, he said, "So, you weren't singing.".

Christian Ceremony

Milling About

Who is exposing themselves off-camera?

Steve styles in tux, Eric scratches in background.

Eric was caught speeding. In case of any disputes, we can identify the officer by his prodigious gut, captured in the second photo.

Hindu Ceremony

Who left all this stuff laying around?

Chris's and Anjala's parents are finally told about the wedding

This is the curtain I held up during the ceremony, with proof of authorization.

Chris and Anjala suddenly realize what they've done

Chris has hypnotized Anjala

All Piker photos by Eric Stuebe