Alpine Butterfly Lodge antics

14 Nov 2004

I'd never heard of the Alpine Butterfly Lodge, but I somehow found myself at their masquerade ball. The party was sufficiently excellent that the next day found me still there, and that's when the real fun began. Real fun, in this case, being Pilobolus imitation and related foolery.

Oh, and fireplace stuffing. The fireplace opened into the kitchen on one side and the living room on the other. The two photos are of the same configuration, seen from each room, collectively depicting all five of us.

All these photos were collected from three different cameras and are both of and by me, John, Lara, Daniel, Megan, and Adam. We did a few other cool things that we didn't manage to get pictures of. Next time!

These last ones require some explanation, since it wasn't just a static pose, but more like a conveyer belt. The people on top are crawling forward, and the people on the bottom are crawling backward. When people fall off the front, they start crawling backward. When they reach the back and no one is on top of them, they crawl up onto the person in front of them and the cycle begins anew.

When we started, it was slow, deliberate, and was a bit like an advanced version of twister. ("Bottom people: left foot back now".) After about ten minutes, we were cranking along. All we needed was some factory music.