The Moron-2000

Emanuele, Jan, and I teamed up to make a Lego robot for our class, Intelligent Sensing and Control. The first task was to explore the cluttered lab, covering as much area as possible in three minutes. The second task (for which we could build a new robot) was to play a game against other robots. Our robot wasn't the most sophisticated of the lot, but it was sturdy and predictable and made it to the semifinals. Also, I think ours was the only one that could figure out where it was during the game.

I think my camera can't focus as close as I thought. Drat.

17 Jan 2000

The first mobile model, without any sensors.
The first gearing system made tons of noise, but it sure looked neat. We later rebuilt it with a different design and lower ratio.

23 Jan 2000

I was proud of our first bumper, but we managed to greatly improve it later with simpler levers, better coverage, and more stability.

30 Jan 2000

almost ready to explore
the underbelly (on Emanuele's lap)

5 Mar 2000: The Moron 2000, reconfigured for botball

6 Mar 2000: Botball first round

15 Mar 2000: Botball Semifinals

The Lego spectators clearly aren't paying attention in that last photo.

Other Robots

I took a few pictures of other robots in various stages of construction.