Chocfest 2000

22 Jan 2000

Alison, Justin, and I went to Chocfest, a one-day juggling festival in York. The last train back was fairly early, so we missed the cake competition and the show, but we made the train, which was a nice surprise.

One of the highlights of the festival for me was doing some off-road unicycling. It was a wet day, and there was lots of mud. There was also lots of gravel, steps, stone-paved paths, and other bumpy things that defy such simple description. I don't get out enough in Edinburgh, and no one else here rides off-road, so the group ride was a treat.

Part of the magic of photography is that it can capture brief moments and present them as though they were part of some uninterrupted continuous process. This magic turned out to be especially useful for many of these photos. Edgerton would have been proud.

Hear ye, hear ye! The festival will now begin!

Seth and Justin kicked brief ass in the Stredging competition.

Alison mesmerizes Justin

Justin and Alison took to the tightrope like those toys with the dangling weights that keep their center of mass under a wire that you string up across a room but not too low or the cat might play with it and break the whole thing which would be a shame because they were on sale at the toy store which isn't open this late so how would you get a replacement at this hour and besides it was a gift from your uncle who lives in Florida where the weather is pretty nice most of the time except when they have those nasty hurricanes that can flood entire South American countries, which is terrible because they have rough enough lives even without the weather since the economies there aren't so outrageous that they, like us, can afford those little toys with the dangling weights take to tightropes.

Justin learns to unicycle with Seth's faux-fearful assistance

We each have our favorite ways of thumbing our noses at gravity.

I can't really do this. :)

The trip home was fraught with confrontation.