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Espionage Photos

On 22-23 May 1999, RadiKS played a game of espionage. We persevered 40 hours! Longer than any other team! :-)

Here are some photos of our adventure. You might also enjoy photos of Seth's other road rallies.

David removes a seat from the van
Adam, David, and Chris consider what to pack next. So much space, so much food and reference materials..
The RadiKS van arrives in Sausalito to pick up Seth & John, who arrived by ferry.
Another team ponders something in the Burger King parking lot.
Giant & Atlas, confluence of many vans and curious people.
Chris poses with our nemesis, The Long Train.
Adam scoffs at train, returns with clue.
John listens to the sounds of cement.
Adam, lake, and geese
The wheel tells us what to do.
There's a bomb on our car!
John, Chris, Adam, and Leanne, walk up the steps at scenic Woodminster Amphitheater.
Adam, David, and Chris enjoy a nice view of New Jackson from Bright Island.
Chris shows off 25 vials of various tasty fluids. Yum!
The Periodic Table of Triangles
Our Excellent Host!
Adam unpacks, Seth reels