Jackson, Wyoming

In March of 1999, Ken and I drove out to his dad's place in Wilson, Wyoming, just outside Jackson. After a few blissful days of relaxing, shoveling, and snowboarding, we were joined by Robert, Ian, Marie, and Karen who flew out to join us. More relaxing, shoveling, and snowboarding ensued, along with some skiing and snowmobiling. All too soon it was over. Karen flew back from whence she came, and the rest of us drove Ken's truck back to California.

Ian has pictures and stories from this trip.

Back at the Ranch

Home, sweet home, and Ken, um, just Ken.
The snow was as high as an elephant's eye.
Ken and I enjoyed shoveling snow. Don't tell our parents.
The amazing view from the living room.

Ian, Marie, Robert, looking warm and goofy in the moose room.
No, really. The moose room.

Toward and in Yellowstone

Western unicycle at the snowmobile ranch.
Easy Rider Robert
Buffalo always have the right of way.
Nature doesn't shovel walkways.
Good thing there are guard rails.
Elk, doing elk things.
Ken exploits gravity (and his snowsuit).

The Elk Refuge