Mont St Michel in the Sand

September 1998, Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA

For years these photos (which I took) were publicly visible only on Lilly's web site. Shame on me. Moreover, I'm stealing most of her captions.

(the inspiration)

1.  Find a sandy beach.  As the morning high tide is going out, pick a good spot and mark the high tide point.

2.  Dig a moat.  Pile sand in the center for constructing the castle.

3.  Carve out the cathedral with grand towers and spires.

4.  Make some houses below for the working folk.  Give some lucky family a cute dovecote.

5.  Build a wall (fortified!).

6.  Don't forget to gaze at the sunset.  Crowds have been gathering to view your marvelous creation.

7.  Place candles all around.  Careful, 'cause the wind can blow them out.

8.  Me, with fire.

9.  Wait patiently and calmly as the tide comes in and washes much of your creation out to sea.

All pictures taken with a Ricoh GR1 (a tiny point-and-shoot 35mm film camera).