Kayak Fun

I'd gone on a couple kayaking tours of Monterey Bay and paddled on Mono Lake for a morning, but on December 5-8, 1998, my parents and I paddled 16 miles up and down the section of the Colorado River known as Lake Mojave, or Black Canyon.

The expedition was sold through California Canoe & Kayak. We bring clothes, tent, sleeping bag, and three lunches, and they supply kayaks, breakfasts, dinners, and a leader or two to run the trip. Not a bad deal. An arrangement like that leaves plenty of room for a nightmare or a paradise. Thanks mostly to the people involved, both the professionals and our fellow vacationers, and no thanks to the weather, this trip was pretty close to paradise.

I don't have a lot of pictures, mostly because I was too busy to take any. I didn't bring my camera, because I didn't want it to get wet, but my parents did bring a couple so-cheap-it's-disposable cameras and one nice one. Still, I only took one picture and it didn't turn out well (due mostly to the lame camera), so everything you see here was taken by someone else.

Day 1 - Saturday, Dec 5

Having lunch

cave, lava tube, wasp condoplex

Day 4 - Tuesday, Dec 8

It's hard to take pictures while paddling upstream. These were taken while floating back downstream on our last day.

Marty, Pat, Lucy, Dad, Bill, Me, Mom