Time Line

Day 1, Friday
31 July
We spent the whole day in the plane.
Day 2, Saturday
1 August
Arrived in London at 07:00. Took the 10:40 train to Edinburgh from Kings Cross. Arrived in Edinburgh at 16:00 tired and hungry. Met up with Eriq & Kristin. Walked all the way up and over the High Street for dinner at a vegetarian restaurant. Unicycled (lost) around the neighborhood.
Day 3, Sunday
2 August
Saw Edinburgh Castle. Lunched at the Last Drop. Walked down the Royal Mile. Saw Adam Smith's grave. Registered for the Juggling Convention. Ate dinner at an Italian restaurant (Pizza with toppings each separate!).
Day 4, Monday
3 August
Bought Tattoo tickets. First day of Juggling! Dinner at the Masala Pot. Welcoming Ceilidh.
Day 5, Tuesday
4 August
Unicycle scavenger hunt. Juggling Parade. Juggling in the Park. Eriq rode Seth's unicycle in Princes Street Gardens. Saw David Hume's grave. Ian and I experience Regular and Special Fish Suppers.
Day 6, Wednesday
5 August
Walk to convention. Juggling Games.
Day 7, Thursday
6 August
First visit to U of Edinburgh. Buy new cranks. Cabaret show including Swamp Circus.
Day 8, Friday
7 August
Rained out Picnic. Muni on Arthur's Seat. Dinner with Eriq & Kristin at Indian buffet. Public Show.
Day 9, Saturday
8 August
Last day of convention. Farewell Ceilidh.
Day 10, Sunday
9 August
Fringe festival parade. Bookstore. Boom Chicago. Mary King's Close tour.
Day 11, Monday
10 August
Tantallon Castle and Dirleton Castle, dinner in North Berwick.
Day 12, Tuesday
11 August
Day in Stirling followed by dinner in Auchterarder, near the Gleneagles Hotel. Long walk in search of ruins.
Day 13, Wednesday
12 August
Jaunt to Aberdour Castle, St. Fillans Church (with leper's squint), and Dunfermline. Ate wonderful dinner at Café René.
Day 14, Thursday
13 August
Double decker bus. Inchcolm Abbey. Bumper cars. Great sandwich. Military Tattoo. The Last Drop revisited.
Day 15, Friday
14 August
Meeting at U of Edinburgh. Sandwich shop revisited. Camera Obscura. Circus Ethiopia. Thai Dinner.
Day 16, Saturday
15 August
Left the flat at 13:45 Edinburgh time to begin the 34 hour journey home.
Day 17, Sunday
August 16
See Ian's mom in Chicago. Home at last.