1998 Trip to Scotland

Ian, Robert, Qarin, Eric, Eriq, Kristin, and I went to Edinburgh late in the summer of 1998.

Our excuse was to attend the annual European Juggling Convention. Robert and I had gone to it the previous year in Torino, Italy, and had a great time. I wasn't planning on going back to Europe so soon, but with so many friends going, I'd have been a fool to resist.

Eriq (who I call Eriq, to avoid confusion with Eric) and Kristin had been there before, and Kristin was gracious enough to do all the work in renting two flats for the two weeks we'd be there.

Ian and I have both written a bit about the trip, and we each have some photos online. We both want to write more, but life marches on and we never get around to it. That said, he's gotten a lot more done than I have, though I have a ton of photos that don't have any writing to go with yet.