Seth's Photos

My latest and greatest photos are lurking in my new photo system. Have a look at selected favorites or browse through the whole collection. Most recently:

... and some older pictures, many of which have writing beyond the captions:

Madcap Adventures


Treasure Hunts

I've played in many, usually with RadiKS. I really should take more pictures.

2005: The McGuffin Game
2004: Shinteki Untamed
1999: Espionage
A whole weekend of well-constructed game!
1998: Beanie Babies Hostages, victory celebration tour
Lilly and Ken ran one in 1998. I took a bunch of pictures, and Lilly put many of them in her web pages. My team won, and I put together some photos from our victory tour.
1997: The Quest for Ultimate Power
Ian and I ran this one.

Various other things