I kept track of my mileage during the year 2002. I was hoping to go more miles with my bike than my car. It looked feasible for a few months, even though I was driving up to SF every week for a class (90 miles round trip), but when I started to go twice a week, it quickly became hopeless. A trip to Burning Man put another 1000 miles on the car. Still, I was good about biking everywhere else nearly all the time, and although I didn't make that mileage goal, I have no regrets about the choices I've made. It just shows that the goal wasn't right. Near the end of November, I thought I'd try to hit 3000 biking miles for the year, and for the next two weeks I biked about 50% more than normal. Then the weather turned nasty for most of December, and that was the end of that.

The first graph shows mileage, logged daily. The second is similar, but each day is normalized to zero or one. It shows that I biked more often than I drove. The last one is a histogram. Each bar covers a ten mile range, so the first one shows days on which I went 0-10 miles, the second is 10-20 miles, etc. It shows that I went less than 20 miles on most days (it's 19.2 miles to work and back) and that on those days I usually used my bike. I didn't often bike more than 20 miles in a day, but there are a few longer rides in there.

Stats as of 2002-12-31
Miles TraveledDays Used