2003 Piker Reunion Concert

Six of us accidentally went to our 10-year college reunion, and, with some of the current Pikers and more recent graduates, accidentally rehearsed a few old songs (and a new one), and accidentally performed in the underpass at 2:00pm on Saturday, 17 May 2003. Some friends of ours coincidentally happened to be there, and I inadvertently recorded the whole thing. On my way home, I stumbled and, in catching myself, edited it down to the following tracks. You can grab one track at a time or, if you're feeling particularly masochistic, get them all at once in a zip file (32:25, 33MB).

  1. Al (3:17, 3500kB)
  2. interlude: wedding intro (0:35, 580kB)
  3. Lonesome Road (2:21, 2316kB)
  4. interlude: herding carts (0:44, 732kB)
  5. Blue Moon (2:02, 2048kB)
  6. interlude: anniversary (0:33, 540kB)
  7. Somebody (2:31, 2432kB)
  8. interlude: jungleness (0:22, 364kB)
  9. Lean (2:28, 2512kB)
  10. Itsy Bitsy Spider (0:50, 856kB)
  11. Take Me Home Tonight (3:09, 3228kB)
  12. interlude: balloons ships and engines (0:24, 400kB)
  13. Numb (5:50, 5816kB)
  14. Gimme (2:33, 2712kB)
  15. interlude: are you sure (0:19, 312kB)
  16. Istanbul (2:18, 2312kB)
  17. Birthday (1:27, 1560kB)
  1. super secret bonus track: door alarm (0:42, 680kB)

Silly photos from the weekend

Chris has much better pictures.