June 2008

11 Jun 2008 [link to here]
moving violation

I'm moving this week, to a place about 155 meters around the corner. Ask me for my new address and coordinates if you're not a creepy stalker. Non-creepy stalkers are welcome (but good luck qualifying).

Strolling through the new place, a friend of mine found an old discarded note:

There's a feeling inside that I want you to know you are the one and I can't let you go.

* Just before that.

Apparently it's (nearly) a quote from Back Here, a song by by BBmak, who I'm not cool enough to have heard of. I've no idea what the footnote means, but most interesting is that above all that is an address in Yuma, Arizona. I guess I'll have to mail it there.

30 Jun 2008 [link to here]
giant explosions and roads not taken

00:14 UTC this morning (which for me was 5:14pm yesterday), marked the 100th anniversary of the Tunguska blast. Some friends and I mixed up white Russians, raised our glasses, and from the comfort of my living room, toasted the lack of any large explosions currently transpiring in our neighborhood.

I noticed the impending anniversary a few years ago and put "visit Tunguska site on 2008-06-30" on my list of travel ideas. I had only a vague idea of where it was. A few months ago I started to get serious about it and begun to research the event and the region's travel logistics. I even fixed the Wikipedia article, which was off by two weeks due to a calendar translation error.

The beauty of such a pilgrimage is that, as far as I know, the time and place are completely ordinary. There would be no parades, no parties, and no reason to believe anyone else would show up. The site would be the same the day before or after, and after 100 years, is probably indistinguishable from any other random patch of forest in central Siberia. But I liked the idea of flying to Irkutsk and finding slow passage 1000km north, meeting people along the way, and finally standing in a clearing early that morning (7:14am local time), watching nothing happen. If anyone else did turn up, we'd have shared something special, but in any case the journey would probably make a pretty good story.

I've had good and bad experiences traveling alone, and what it came down to this time was that I was kind of busy and didn't really feel like going. It's a little disappointing to miss a once in a lifetime chance to make a pilgrimage to the site of a large mysterious explosion on its 100th anniversary, but at the same time it seemed a little pointless and the reality of solo travel is often more laborious than entertaining. Ah, well. I'll be sure to cook up other excuses to travel, and will post stories and photos upon my return.

Since I wasn't in remote Siberia, I took some pictures at the two big shows at the circus center: Pratfalls and Rising Stars and the annual student showcase.