December 2007

23 Dec 2007 [link to here]
photo roundup

I'm slowly editing and posting photos from two recent shows. Expect to see more dribble in over the next couple weeks if you subscribe to any of my photo feeds.

The first show is Habitat, by Sweet Can Productions. It's a fantastic professional show running through January 6th at Dance Mission Theater. If you're in San Francisco between now and then, you should go see it. I got to shoot this one during their dress rehearsal.

Next up was a one-night-only student showcase at the circus center: Ethereal Bodies and Crazy Clowns. Mostly ethereal bodies, judging from my pictures.

A few weeks ago, I was showing off some circus photos at a party and ended up getting involved in a photo shoot for hotchixdig.com, an environmental propaganda web site and pin-up calendar. They want to spread messages of conservation, and one way to draw people in is with photographs of scantily clad beautiful women, all of whom are shown in some sort of environmentally beneficial scenario. I hope the benefits produced by their activism offset the two gallons of gas I burned getting to and from the photo shoot, but in any case it was a good learning experience for me and obviously a lot of fun.