February 2007

1 Feb 2007 [link to here]

Today I bought a roll of film for the first time in almost seven years. I thought I'd never do that again. It's for a photography class I'm taking at CCSF. I'll get to use digital for most of the class, but they want us to shoot a couple rolls of film first so we can get a little darkroom experience.

I don't really see the point of film these days, but as much as I feel like it's a waste of time, I can't really argue with spending a couple days for a broader education, even if the only thing I learn is that I'm glad I wasn't born 20 years earlier.

9 Feb 2007 [link to here]
lucky stars

CCSF notified me about some grants students can apply for, one of which is The Darwin Award for students majoring in Astronomy or a related field. I didn't think astronomy was particularly hazardous, but maybe they have an unusually tough program.

14 Feb 2007 [link to here]
walk sticky

Like hundreds of other people tonight, I grabbed my pillow and headed out for some fun. By the time I arrived at my stop, about a third of the people on the train were packing pillows. The others were probably wondering what was going on.

It was a pillow fight. Someone had gotten the word out (which I stumbled across quite coincidentally just 24 hours before the event), and a large mob showed up with pillows. I left after an hour, and the chaos was still going.

I didn't take any pictures (not wanting to carry my camera into a massive pillow fight), but a couple hundred other people did, so they're out there. I also ran across pictures from pillow fights in NYC, Portland, Philadelphia, and Toronto. It's a movement!