January 2007

3 Jan 2007 [link to here]
silly as fifty weasels in a sack of banjos

In a moment of silliness, I wrote a country sayings generator. Not a bad way to start the new year.

Most of them are dumb, but every now and then a gem pops out. One of my favorites so far: "as tired as a cow in a pie factory".

29 Jan 2007 [link to here]
respect your welders

The reason I moved to San Francisco was to be closer to where I could do a greater variety of interesting things. This past weekend, I went to The Crucible (a short walk from BART) for ARC10 - Introduction to Welded Sculpture (Intensive). The syllabus included arc welding and oxyacetylene torch cutting, plus a bunch of other fun power and non-power tools for having your way with steel. Saturday was full of excellent instruction and a chance to practice (and find out how it's actually quite tricky). We spent Sunday doing some small project of our choosing.

It was lots of fun and highly educational. I was pretty focused on what I was doing, but I did manage to document some of the stages of my artistic attempt. Enjoy the photos, and don't forget to click through for the lengthy captions.