April 2006

13 Apr 2006 [link to here]
a couple photos

16 Apr 2006 [link to here]
flower power

Bryant Park, Manhattan, lunch time. A dozen young women, dressed well and identically, swept through the park distributing flowers and coupons for a well known store. In short order, everyone in the park had flowers, and they moved on (coordinating by radio with another flower shock troop).

I like to share, and sometimes the best thing to do with a gift is to give it away. As I walked through the city, I tried just handing my flower to people, or introducing it with "free flower or even "free flower, pass it on". No one ever flat out refused, because they were all veteran city dwellers and were all expert at avoiding engagement. There was no eye contact, and no interaction. After half a dozen rebuffs, I gave up and stuck it in a tree.

I think the problem was that people couldn't tell what the catch was. The women in the park were obviously doing it as a promotion, but my motives were suspect, and rather than get drawn in without understanding the deal, people kept their shields up. Disappointing, but justifiable. I hope someone enjoyed seeing it in the tree.

23 Apr 2006 [link to here]
the wrong tool

I'm not sure if there's a right tool for every job, but there's certainly a wrong one. Today I learned that no matter how convenient it seems, it's not actually a good idea to use my four year-old niece's empty boot to catch an indoor wasp for outdoor release. The wasp was pretty good at hiding and at clinging to the inside, but eventually I managed to get it out.