June 2005

29 Jun 2005 [link to here]
things not said

So here it is, nearly the end of June. I feel compelled to write something lest the archive not have a June 2005 entry.

I started to write about why I haven't written, then went off on a minor tangent about the tension between sharing my thoughts and retaining some personal privacy. But when I was wrapping it up I thought of lots of things I'd be happy to write about. So really I've been lame about writing simply because I haven't given it much thought. To continue on that theme, what follows is a wonderful illustration of why it's good to have friends who call you on your bullshit. (That's one thing I'm not afraid to admit to the world: I too can be full of shit.)

I've spent a fair amount of time with people who write music. I'm musical in some ways, but so far that's not one of them. I got it into my head that while I'd love to write songs, my life is pretty swell and as a result I don't have very much to say, or at least say with enough intensity and passion to be worth a song. But I mentioned this to a friend of mine who is particularly talented at the calling out of bullshit, and she pointed out that the angsty yearning songs are overdone as it is, and that anyone attempting to add to that overstuffed genre had better have something amazing to offer.

I thought about that and looked at my own music collection, and all my favorite songs are weird and geeky and are generally about something inconsequential like robots or trains or broken watches or other people's songs. So really I don't write songs because I haven't bothered to try. And maybe also because I'm uncreative and have a poor grasp of music theory, but until I at least give it a shot, those are hardly the limiting factors.