May 2005

10 May 2005[link to here]

I'm on the "I keep forgetting to eat" diet. I'll see an opportunity to eat a proper meal, but I'll just want to do this one thing first. Then it's three hours later and I'm really hungry, so I'll eat enough to make the hunger go away and then get back to what I was doing. I think it's a good sign that my life is that interesting.

11 May 2005[link to here]

I just became aware of XSPF, which perhaps will eventually be a format for portable music playlists. While they don't talk about the relationship between playlists and albums, the playlist format they propose has room for some metadata and could be used to encode album information, so these playlists could be used as album entities.

They also plan to support query-based entries and, with the help of "content resolvers", arbitrary mapping from a song specification to an available song. The point of this is to let people refer to songs in some portable way (rather than the location of an encoding of the song on one person's hard drive), but it could also be used to support fuzzy specifications, or simply artistic reinterpretations or pragmatic substitutions (finding a suitable replacement when the specified song is not available). Misinterpretations will be amusing, like a Newton's handwriting recognition or Google's spelling correction.

This, the resolution using a limited local catalog, is something I've talked about for a while, but unlike me they're actually trying to do more something about it. It's still just talk, but at least it's formalized talk and there's more than one person talking, whereas I just yammered about it unconstructively.

Depending on the implementation of the content resolver, this could get interesting, so it's nice to see someone trying to break that into a separate component, at least conceptually. The next step (after they get farther with this one) would be to define an API and write a reference version to encourage people to write these things in an interchangeable way so you can choose a mapper independently of a player.

28 May 2005[link to here]

A while back I decided to save some space by putting my CDs into a notebook of sleeves. Sliding the CDs in and out of those sleeves put lots of scratches in the discs, so I don't know how wise that was, but nowadays the only thing I do with a CD is rip it onto my computer and put it away forever, so a space efficient archive makes lots of sense.

CD storage came up today and one thing mentioned was how much of a pain it is to get the tray card (the artwork inside the back cover) out from the case. Back when I did a couple hundred of these in one sitting, I quickly came up with a good way of doing it. Today I went ahead and posted instructions for stripping jewel cases, increasing the amount of weird trivia on the web.