April 2005

25 Apr 2005[link to here]

street sign: slow down this means you kids against people speeding

A plea to lead by example.

27 Apr 2005[link to here]

Lightning just hit very close. I could see the windows vibrate with the thunder. Yay, weather!

28 Apr 2005[link to here]

If you're going to target Chicago O'Hare for an aerial drop, this is probably the right spot.

29 Apr 2005[link to here]

And now I'm on a train. It's been nearly five years since my last train ride from NY to DC, and it's still the best way to travel. And I have to say, it's pretty cool to be able to point so that last ride so easily, and more than a little shocking that it was five years ago.

This train has a "quiet car", in which people are not permitted to use cell phones or any electronics that make noise or even to have conversations with other passengers. I'm not in the quiet car, but it's pretty quiet anyway.

But I'm on a trip larger than this train. I'm halfway through a four-week working trip to New York, by which I mean New York City, by which I mean Manhattan. So far so good. (Yay, the train is moving!) I'm eating different food (ok, mostly pizza so far), eating much less food (no need to gorge when I can always get more later, and hey, pizza comes in single slices, even at midnight), walking a few miles a day, and generally enjoying all the burble and pedestrian antics of urban life. I've even managed to meet lots of people. Who says you can't meet people in the city?

Last weekend I was flipping through the paper, saw an article about a show that looked interesting, and realized I could go see it. I immediately bought a ticket online, and went to the show a few days later. It was two blocks from my apartment.

In one way though, I'm completely squandering my visit. When I go back to California in two weeks, I won't have spent a single weekend in New York. How lame is that? I'm trying to make the most of my evenings, but I think I could easily stay here for many months and not feel like I'd come close to taking full advantage of this place.

The aforementioned weekend squandering is a consequence of the Northeast being all squished together, and my friends and family spread all over it. Last weekend in Connecticut, this weekend in DC, next weekend in Boston. These places are relatively close together compared to how far they are from California, so I figure I've got some visiting opportunities while I'm practically around the corner.

It's all true, and I'm having a great time, but what of The City? And whatever foreigners from distant lands (e.g. San Francisco) might tell you, NY is the platonic city of which other cities are mere shadows.

Should I just stay another few weeks? Will it ever be this easy again? It probably won't satiate me though. Will I want just a few more? Where will the madness end? Should I stop while I still can?