October 2004

3 Oct 2004[link to here]

Coffee is the do stuff juice.

17 Oct 2004[link to here]

Mental tailings:

17 Oct 2004[link to here]

I love new slang. One of my favorite constructions of the past decade is "shut your pie hole". Today I ran across someone saying "shut your cry hole" and it nearly brought me to tears of laughter. It's just a perfect expression of derision, both simple and descriptive. Some quick searches shows the range and popularity of some variants, but most of them aren't very interesting.

search termshits
"shut your * hole"4700
"shut your pie hole"3410
"shut your cake hole"689
"shut your * hole" -cake -pie553
"shut your * * hole"2700

29 Oct 2004[link to here]

In The Onion this week: Converting To The Metric System Starts With The Individual. Once again, satire isn't as fictional as one might hope. They mock me now, but I'll have the last laugh once I have trouble using the same units of measurement as the people around me.

31 Oct 2004[link to here]

Halloween photos.