September 2004

2 Sep 2004[link to here]

Washing velcro with delicates is like tossing an angry ocelot into a sack of bunnies.

9 Sep 2004[link to here]

We say that cats have nine lives, but in some other cultures, the number is different. For example, in Mexico, cats have seven lives. In English, we say a picture is worth a thousand words. Do other languages have a different exchange rate?

19 Sep 2004[link to here]

Two weeks ago, I biked around the bay. Today I finally finished writing up stuff to go with the pictures. Behold my stubborn pursuit of a pointless, arbitrary goal perseverance and dedication!

23 Sep 2004[link to here]

donut house

At first I read this sign as "The Donut Nose".

25 Sep 2004[link to here]

Egret pictures. Better an egret than a regret, I always say.

30 Sep 2004[link to here]

I have resolved to mock anyone who uses "literally" when they mean "metaphorically". I'm looking forward to exchanges like this:

  1. They: I literally died laughing!
  2. Me, with visible shock: Yet here you are, alive again! It's a miracle!