March 2004

2 Mar 2004[link to here]

These are not reasons I voted today (because I don't think they're true):

These are reasons I voted today:

2 Mar 2004[link to here]

I finally made an RSS feed for this. Let me know if you think it's broken.

11 Mar 2004[link to here]

Today I received some well targeted spam. Travelocity told me about some great prices they had, and they used as an example a trip I'd been thinking about taking. I started to write to a friend about the amazing coincidence, then I realized it was no accident. I'd been researching flights using their site, and they probably know who I am by tying one of their cookies (stored in my browser) to their database of old transactions. Clever, good marketing, and very creepy.

13 Mar 2004[link to here]

The RSS feed of this page/thing/whatever now includes both a plain text snippet and the full HTML of each entry. Putting in the full HTML was a little tricky because of the way URLs are handled in my site building system, but it's all good now (I think). I'm skeptical that feed viewers will know what to do with the data, but it's in there in as reasonable a way as I could see.

20 Mar 2004[link to here]

I'm a software geek and I'm ok.
I work all night and I work all day.

I chop up graphs, I skip my lunch,
I've lost all sense of time.
I can't keep track of Wednesdays,
But at least I still can rhyme.

26 Mar 2004[link to here]

Should I still call it my "day job" if I'm typically working 1pm-5am?