September 2003

8 Sep 2003[link to here]

I've posted some Burning Man photos. Explaining Burning Man is extremely difficult and I've given up trying to answer the big questions. I'm reluctant to take pictures there for a couple reasons, and I didn't even bring my camera one year.

Getting behind a camera usually entails taking a mental step back from everything and putting my participation on hold while I try to capture an image. My memory is awful though, and some things there are visually striking. I do worry that I'll only remember what I have a picture of and that my memories of everything else will be drowned out, but it's likely I'll have trouble remembering those things regardless. Maybe next time I'll write a journal. Just enough to jog my memory.

Having taken the pictures, I'm still reluctant to share them because I don't want to give people the wrong idea. If one were to just look at the pictures, one might reasonably draw the conclusion that Burning Man is about seeing the neat stuff that other people made/did/are. That's certainly part of the fun, and it's clearly the most photogenic, but there's more to it than that. But I'll stop short of explaining what it is. :)