February 2003

6 Feb 2003[link to here]

The linky darkness of the web concealed the following sites for too long. I link to them here in the confused hope that future generations will discover them before I did.

Photoshop Phriday
Thematic collections of touched-up photos of funny non-existent products. The quality varies, but there are some screamers in there. I busted a gut reading the most recent two entries (Tech Toys From Hell and Recalled Foods).
declination maps
declination calculator
Everyone knows that a compass points north, right? Except it doesn't point toward the geographic north pole ("true north"), it points toward the magnetic north pole ("magnetic north"), which is somewhere in Canada, slowly moving around, just to keep you on your toes. Unless you happen to be in just the right place, true north and magnetic north won't be quite the same. That difference is called declination, and its value depends on where (and when) you are. They could differ by more than 15 degrees in either direction. If you want to understand what your compass is telling you, you need to know the local declination. The US National Geophysical Data Center has been kind enough to provide us with a declination calculator. With that in hand, there's little reason to look at the maps, except that they're really cool.