October 2002

25 Oct 2002[link to here]

I've been rather busy of late, even by my standards, and a few friends have commented on how I manage to find time to do lots of interesting things. I was thinking about how to characterize my behavior, which isn't so much a disciplined management of my time as a flitting from one activity to another, doing whatever interests me most from moment to moment, but nearly always doing something. I end up learning and doing and making all sorts of neat things, but I don't finish as many projects as I'd like, because I'm too apt to rush off to the next (or previous) thing. Yesterday, a phrase popped into my head: inspiration's lackey. That's what I feel like a lot of the time.

Actually, the phrase I first thought of was "inspiration's whipping boy", but that doesn't mean what I thought. I thought that "X's whipping boy" was one who X whipped at will, but it's actually one who is whipped in X's stead when X deserves a whipping. There are many jobs I'm happy not to have, but that's got to be near the top of the list.