September 2002

12 Sep 2002[link to here]

I mistyped "working" as "woring" and my spell checker suggested "whoring" as its best guess. Hmm.

16 Sep 2002[link to here]

I have mixed feelings about Microsoft Research. On one hand, it's part of Microsoft, so their work just feeds into the giant behemoth (Microsoft), which patents their work for 20 years, produces software I can't use, and fights against software I can use. On the other hand, it's a large research group publishing really neat stuff.

Today's find is the Communication, Collaboration, and Signal Processing group. They work on lots of neat things. What lead me to them was a paper about AutoDJ, a tool that constructs music playlists from a seed of one or more songs. This is my dream project. Their implementation is quite clever, though they tested it using high quality (meta)data that common folks wouldn't normally have access to.

There are many other fascinating papers coming out of that group, so if you're into that sort of thing, you should browse through the researchers' personal pages.

20 Sep 2002[link to here]

I blather on about this fairly often, but it comes up frequently: having all my music with me nearly all the time has greatly improved the quality of my life. I admit my life is already extremely cushy in that I don't need to worry about the things that concern so much of the world's population (food, shelter, mean people with armies), but it's truly an amazing luxury to be able to listen to whatever I want, whenever I want. (And that includes my favorite NPR shows, since I digitally record them all now.)