March 2002

16 Mar 2002[link to here]

My bike odometer hit 1000 miles today. I got it on August 7th of last year, so that's an average speed of about 0.2 miles per hour.

21 Mar 2002[link to here]

It's been 80 days since the start of the year. I've biked 726 miles, and driven 617. If I'd wanted to go around the world in 80 days, I'd have had to go 19 times faster.

26 Mar 2002[link to here]

Quote of the day: People are going to learn psychopharmacology for dummies. -- Dr. Joel Yager, as reported by the New York Times, regarding the training psychologists will undergo to become licensed to prescribe medicine in New Mexico, the first US state to allow them to do so.