July 2001

14 Jul 2001[link to here]

I went to the opening night of the new DNA Lounge. The layout is pretty cool, and the themed decor very well done. The music was also pretty good. Definitely worth the trip to San Francisco.

I'd been reading all about the rebuilding of the club for over a year as it was going on, so finally being there was great. I felt like I knew the place already, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how much more rich and detailed reality turned out to be. Last night, I noticed dozens of small touches, both functional and decorative, that I hadn't known about. I'm sure there are hundreds I didn't see. It makes me appreciate how much time and effort was spent on the reconstruction, both in design and implementation.

15 Jul 2001[link to here]

Going out reminded me of an idea I had a while back. I wrote up some thoughts and put them on my public to-do page. Here's a synopsis, for the lazy:

I like when my favorite bands come to town, but I often don't find out in time. There are too many lists to check, and checking each one periodically is too much work. There are centralized event listings, but they rely on people to enter info manually, and that just doesn't happen reliably.

I need something that continuously spiders the web and populates a concert listing database with info posted on fan, artist, and venue sites.

18 Jul 2001[link to here]

Quote of the day, posted to a forum at Craig's List a week ago:

Short answer? You're fucked.
Long answer? You're really, really fucked.