April 2001

1 Apr 2001[link to here]

Lyn thinks that I'm wrong about something in my previous entry, but I think she misunderstood my point. She says, and I paraphrase horribly, "No, they mean methodology, because methodology means what they're trying to say. Language has evolved to make it so.". But that's what I was whining about. I don't mean that people are using the word in an incorrect way, but that they are using it in an unfortunate way. Language is a popularity contest, and the fact that enough people do this that it annoys me means that they're correct by definition. But I still wish it hadn't become so.

Amusingly, FOLDOC gives both definitions:

  1. a bunch of methods [I'm paraphrasing again]
  2. a pretentious way of saying "method"

I respect that the first definition has become common, but I maintain that it's equivalent to the second.

7 Apr 2001[link to here]

My favorite stupid quote so far from the California energy screw-up comes from the front page of today's San Jose Mercury News:

Davis had no warning that PG&E would make good on its threat.

Was PG&E supposed to circulate a memo stating "No, really."?

8 Apr 2001[link to here]

I finally put up some photos of my recent trip to Wyoming.

9 Apr 2001[link to here]

A friend of mine recently expressed his constant joy and amazement at the fact that in the US, humor trumps copyright and libel laws. You can't rip off someone's material, unless you make us laugh, in which case it's fine. Pretty neat, no? In honor of our wonderful national priorities, I point to a recent joke from rec.humor.funny.

22 Apr 2001[link to here]

Nature scenes of suburbia:

26 Apr 2001[link to here]

The Burning Man organization has run into bureaucratic and liability obstacles, and announced today that they ``are no longer officially "hosting" the Burns on Ocean Beach in San Francisco, at Stairwell 28, on the last Saturday of each month.''. They also pointed out that individuals are free to assemble in public places (such as Ocean Beach) whenever they like (including on the last Saturday of each month) and enjoy whatever rights they have there, which, on Ocean Beach includes burning things.

28 Apr 2001[link to here]

I wrote this in email just now. It was written for someone else, but I thought I'd share it with the rest of you, whoever you are.

I'm still biking everywhere. I love it. I love the rebelliousness of biking ten miles to see a movie in a suburbanopolis where everyone drives to the supermarket around the corner. I love spending time outside when the weather is good, and when it's bad, I feel like that much more of a hard-core non-driving punk. I feel smug as I cruise past the line of cars waiting at a red light, especially when it turns green when I arrive, as it often does. I feel powerful when I accelerate from a stop faster than cars, and when they inevitably overtake me, I wonder why they're in such a rush to get somewhere, how they can ignore the pleasure of a journey. I look at the cars going by, full of people who wished they could spend more time outside or that they weren't so fat or sluggish, full of people who haven't thought to make decisions about their lives. I enjoy not having cars in my lane. I enjoy that heavy traffic doesn't slow me down and only increases my smug satisfaction and sense of superiority. I also enjoy not polluting as much, not spending money on gas, and having exercise be a part of my daily life rather than a chore I have to attend to.

Yes, yes, people have different priorities and they're not all blindly pouring their souls through a funnel into an engine block. Don't bother defending the default lifestyle to me. I understand its conveniences and the costs of inconvenience better than most, since I pay those costs every day. But I think few people weigh those costs against what they give up, and few people make deliberate decisions about many aspects of their lives.

Who am I talking to, anyway?