March 2001

3 Mar 2001[link to here]

On Friday, I spent ten minutes searching the web for something before I realized that the one book I had in my office contained the information I wanted. What hath we wrought?

13 Mar 2001[link to here]

I spent last week in and around Jackson, Wyoming, nestled in the snowy Teton Mountain Range. I'm always fascinated by how my eyes adjust to amber goggles. When I put them on, everything looks amber, but I get used to it. Then I take them off, and everything looks blue for a while. It turns out that this also happens on a larger scale. When I returned from Wyoming, California looked extra green.

14 Mar 2001[link to here]

When I listen to music using headphones at work or in the library, I always worry that it's playing out loud and not just through my headphones.

I also worry that one day I'm going to drive away from the gas station with the pump nozzle still attached to my car. I have this image of blithely driving off, with the disemboweled guts of the entire station wrenched out and trailing behind my car.

I wish I had nice Latin terms for those fears. I guess there's a point to learning Latin after all, much like the value in being able to talk like Kermit the Frog.

I've been thinking I should know more about algorithms. Today I splurged and spent $200 at Bookpool. The same four books would have cost $250 at Amazon or Fatbrain. Yay, Bookpool!

Soon, I will own copies of:

Of course, I have no idea when I'll actually find time to read them.

15 Mar 2001[link to here]

Today I had an appointment with an ergonomicist. (I love working for a large and friendly company.) At one point, she asked me to bend my elbow to 90 degrees. I did, and she said, "Wow, you're good.". I guess it's a protracted effort for most people. I can probably leave this skill off my resume.

19 Mar 2001[link to here]

I sometimes forget to turn my phone's ringer back on after I've turned it off. I wish I could just tell the phone to make the ringer turn back on at certain time. It's already got an alarm clock.

21 Mar 2001[link to here]

I've been seeing interesting birds on my way to work. A few days ago, I saw an egret standing in a creek. Today, circling overhead, I saw what I'm told was an E-3 AWACS.

26 Mar 2001[link to here]

I really hate how thousands of people use the word "methodology" when they really mean "method", and not "the study of methods".