Review of Harvey Freeman devil sticks

2 Dec 1996

Too light, poor balance, great price, decent traction.
3 (of 10)

I came across some Harvey Freeman "Original" Devil Sticks in a Kay Bee toy store yesterday, and a few minutes later saw someone outside the store playing with his recently purchased sticks. He let me try them, and I thought I'd share my opinions.

This stick fits into the flower stick category. It has a straight shaft capped at both ends by bulbs with tassles. The shaft is thicker than most flower sticks, which makes it tougher to use. It tends to roll off handsticks as easily as the tapered devil sticks do. It's also very light, which adds to the difficulty. I were used to it, perhaps I'd enjoy its agility, but for beginners, it's a poor choice, and this is a stick marketed at beginners.

I think there will be lots of discouraged kids out there who get turned off to devil sticks as a result of the unnecessarily difficult learning curve imposed by these sticks.

The sticks do have some good points though. They have good traction, and when they do fall they'll land softly thanks to the padded cloth bulbs on the ends. Also of note is the price -- $5. I don't know if that's standard retail, but that's what they were where I saw them.