Seth & Devil Sticks

I started devil sticking in 1993. I was backpacking around Europe, and in Stockholm, I came across someone who was playing around on the street with some sticks he'd made, and was selling them. Clever salesman that he was, he let me try them. I wasn't any good, but it was fun, so I bought some and practiced a lot during the remaining two weeks of my trip. I've never met anyone who learned devil sticking as slowly as I did, but I met a lot of people who wanted to see what I was doing, and that added to the fun. The sticks broke soon after I got home, but I was hooked, and the adventures they'd led me on, even just on the first day, were worth far more than what I'd paid for them.

I've since lead workshops at juggling conventions, demonstrated devil sticks at stores and trade shows for Klutz and Lunastix, and I was the devil stick expert and model for the book Devil Sticks for the Complete Klutz.

I'm more creative than I am skilled, so I tend to invent a lot of neat tricks I can't do and props I don't know how to use. In addition to dull anectodes and dreary photos, I offer these things of potential interest:

Devil Stick variants I've built

Other things on this site